Catherine Tucker is the Mark Hyman Jr. Career Development Professor and Associate Professor of Management Science at MIT Sloan.

Her research interests lie in how technology allows firms to use digital data to improve their operations and marketing and in the challenges this poses for regulations designed to promote innovation. She has particular expertise in online advertising, digital health, social media, and electronic privacy. Generally, most of her research lies in the interface between Marketing, Economics and Law. She has received an NSF CAREER award for her work on digital privacy, the Erin Anderson Award for Emerging Marketing Scholar and Mentor, the Paul E. Green Award  for contributions to the practice of Marketing Research and a Garfield Award for her work on electronic medical records. She has testified before Congress on privacy regulation, as well as presenting her research on privacy to the FCC, FTC and OECD. In addition to her work on privacy and digital data, she has also written extensively on how the online and technology environment changes and challenges intellectual property regimes in the sphere of patent assertion entities, trademarks used as search terms, and copyright issues for online aggregators. Her more practitioner-oriented research in marketing tackles the challenge of how to design online advertising campaigns which do not appear intrusive to the viewer, and have the potential to be spread virally.

Dr. Tucker is Associate Editor at Management Science, Co-Editor at Quantitative Marketing and Economics and Co-Editor of the recent NBER volume on the Economics of Digitization. She is a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

She teaches MIT Sloan's MBA Elective on `Pricing' and the Executive MBA course `Marketing Management for the Senior Executive'. She also teaches in various specialized executive education programs on entrepreneurship, creating thriving platforms ecosystems and innovation. She has received the Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching as well as being voted `Teacher of the Year' at MIT Sloan.

She holds a PhD in economics from Stanford University, and a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University.


MIT Sloan School of Management,
100 Main Street, Room E62-536
Cambridge,  MA 02142
Phone: (617) 252-1499